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 The talk that makes a big difference


When life presents you to changes and challenges – they are great opportunities for your personal growth.

The best way to get around challenges is always, to be true to yourself and your values.
Easily said, and sometimes hard to follow, when you are under pressure.

When you are under pressure, you tend to react the same way you usually do, in stead of doing what is right and best for you.


Personal coaching
Your opportunity to sit down in my company and let a new process begin.
My coaching and guiding is partly based on your personal Blueprint chart.
The Blueprint chart is the key and shortcut to the core of you and get on with the situation right away.

Your Blueprint chart gives me immediate access to know a lot about:
“Who you are, what you want, how to get there and also what keeps you holding back”.

Your personal Blueprint chart contains your power base and shows you how to bring your personal life into alignment with your core values, your capacities and your uniquely birth-given skills and talents.

The personal blueprint coaching, works perfectly well for:

Teenagers, young people, students on all levels, grown up people with personal challenges such as love and family, finances, health, general existence, health and job and career challenges, as both employee and employer.


True success comes from true being!

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In these sessions, you will decide on the topic and we will stick to that subject and other areas of your life connected to this specific subject.

A coaching session is great for feedback and new angles of perspective.
A shortcut to more clarity.




Coaching session:

Sessions can be booked:  In my office. On Skype/Mobile. Your address.
Duration 60 minutes.


Personal coaching session 600 DKK / 80 €
Packet of 5 personal sessions 2800 DDK / 535 €


I also offer 30 minutes Skype sessions

Skype session 400 DKK / 55 €
Packet of 5 Skype sessions 1800 DDK / 240 €


Special prices for kids and young people up to 21 years

Personal coaching session 500 DKK / 70 €


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The big 360° intense session