About the Blueprint session and coaching

My coaching and mentoring services are partly based on your Blueprint – your inner storyboard and your potential map
Your Blueprint is the image you brought into life at your birth and therefore partially related to astrology.

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I have developed my Blueprint coaching for more than 20 years, into a tool that fits
easily and pragmatically into use, in your current lifestyle in your career and your private living.

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When you feel resistance in life, you are deviating from your Blueprint and you loose access to your resources.

When you thrive, you are in alignment with your Blueprint and who you truly are and
at this time coaching can help you to make the most of your current success and joy. 

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A lot of my coaching sessions revolves around:

Work life and career:   How and where to make the best of what I am and what I can!

Love and family life:   Something has to change, to improve my love and family life.

How to be the best version of me:   Help med, I feel stuck – what to do?

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A lot of my clients love that I can inform them, very sharp, precise and spot on,
when to make the next successful move, according to their Blueprint.

The only meaningful way for me to coach you towards a happy and successful life and career
is to make sure, that you choose a path, where it is easy for you to use your special skills
in way and in a context, where you want to present yourself.

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I have a uniquely keen way

of reading and interpreting your blueprint , that contains so much information about you.
What you are, what you can and how to express it most successfully.

The Blueprint coaching gives you

clarity, self awareness and hence a great possibility to become who you truly are, by claiming personal leadership
and form your own life accordingly to your values and your dreams.

Blueprint coaching is

a deep, sharp and head-on meaningful and existential talk about your life and your situation right now.

Why you benefit right away

My counselling is based on more then 20 years of experience, combined with my
Blueprint tool (astrology), my intuition and my sharp and direct way of inspiring you.

In my Blueprint sessions

I very often use pictures and stories as metaphors.
Sometimes I’m provocative and sometimes I’m poetic.
I’m always honest.

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About me

I have worked as a coach and counsellor throughout all of my working life.

Due to my educations, I have had the experience and pleasure to coach and advise
all age groups in all areas of life, companies, institutions and privately.

I have given more than 200 lectures. Many in the private sector and even more as a consultant for Children’s Rights. (Børns Vilkår)
I have written articles, blog posts and appeared on local and national radio and television several times.

I have given 2000+ sessions throughout my career.

In 1993, something wonderful happened.

I was introduced to astrology a strange art of perceiving life and yet it felt so natural to me.
I became acquainted with astrology and the art of deciphering complex information and translating it
into practical psychological insight to be used for my clients in everyday life.

In januar 1998 I  received my diploma after four years of intense education
A whole new way of understanding life and living, both for myself and my clients had descended on me.

Ever since then, I gained more than 20 years of experience and have developed, refined and utilised this knowledge into my Blueprint coaching,
to make it fit easily and pragmatically into use, in your current lifestyle in business and private life.

As an consulting advisor and coach, it gave me a unique key, with an instant and accurate access to my clients’
abilities, potential, inner conflicts and paths to solutions.

Let’s make the coaching experience authentic and personal from the very first session.
Let’s make the process towards your success fast, authentic and easy to integrate into your life.


I love my practice and I am looking forward to be working with you.

–  ♦  –



About the blueprint tool

A professional Blueprint profiling test, is the equivalent of a traditional personal psychological test – just better.

This blueprint Profiling can be used for private people, business owners, CEO’s, leaders and employees, for more success.


Where the traditional personality tests are man-made and have been around for about half a century, the art of interpretation of the birth-given personal blueprint,
has been around for more than 10 times longer.

It’s not man-made, but refined by men, the empiric way, for more than 500 years.

–  ♦  –


Royal Blueprint profiling

One of the first blueprint readings in Denmark, was when King Frederik the second, in the middle of the 16th Century,
asked the astrologer and astronomer Tycho Brahe to read and interpret the astrological blueprint for both of his sons.

Physicist Albert Einstein, doctor and Nobel laureate Alexis Carrel and psychologist C. G. Jung, among many others declared themselves in favour of Astrology.

–  ♦  –

By interpreting your blueprint, you gain a unique insight into your personality that does not depend on the current situation,
like it does when you do the man-made psychological tests in the process of applying for a job.

The blueprint tells you about your natural and unique characteristics, talents and abilities, as well as the areas where you feel resistance.
It tells you what is the cause of your resistance and also what it takes for you to pass this resistance and turn it into your strength.

The blueprint also tells you about personal timing; when you will be at the right point for the easiest and most successful transition to something new.

It tells you how to work and make the most of your unique skills in your job and career, and what area you will have the greatest opportunity to achieve happiness and success.

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In other words, your personal blueprint is a unique map of what you bring along on your journey and your adventure in your career and in your private life.

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Practical information I need for a blueprint session:

I need the following data:

  • Year of birth
  • Month of birth
  • Date of birth
  • Time of birth (if you know)
  • Town of birth


Professional Blueprint profiling:

Sessions can be booked:  In my office. On Skype/Mobile. Your address.
Duration 60 minutes.