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 Everybody needs to talk to someone sometimes!


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This is the place for a deep, sharp and head-on talk about your life and your situation right now.

And this is the place for a deep, meaningful and existential talk about you and your life.

Dreams & Possibilities.

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Why is the uniqueness that makes you
 benefit right away?

My counselling is based on more then 20 years of experience, combined with my
Blueprint tool (astrology), my intuition and my sharp and direct way of inspiring you.

In my sessions, I very often use pictures and stories as metaphors.
Sometimes I’m provocative and sometimes I’m poetic.
And – I’m always honest.

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A lot of my coaching sessions revolves around:

  • Work life and career: How and where to make the best of what I am and what I can?
  • Love and family life: Something has to change, to improve my love and family life!
  • How to be the best version of me: Help med, I feel stuck – what to do?

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Welcome to Coaching by Stars.
Calvin Keen Dossmann

360° coaching


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All sessions can be spoken in English and Danish

Alle sessioner tilbydes på engelsk og dansk



When you want clarity on any private subject
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